Robert Wallace




"What ever happened to painting beautiful pictures?"  

Rule 1: Avoid sensation, gimmicks, intentional

controversy, the evening news.


Emphasis on a Be-bop spontaneity, improvisation.  Go

into the studio blank, without any idea what you will

paint.  Then paint.  Believe in your materials.


Process.  Sequence 1: Build up a surface.  

Everything/everyday/everywhere materials - newspaper, phone

books, fabric, literature, maps, a tin can lid. "It’s

all in there."


Source.  A fascination with decay.  Man-made succumbs to nature.  Sequence 2:

When you fall in love with your creation, destroy

it, tear it apart - "lacéré".


Voyage.  Sequence 3: Keep at it.  The attack.  Order collapses,

representation dissolves.  (Visual feedback.)


Repeat as necessary.


A soft collision.  Arrive at the perfect balance of

construction and destruction, where banality becomes beauty. 




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