Robert Wallace




1969 Born. Santa Ana, California
1987 Move. Los Angeles
1993 Education. University of Southern California
1993 Show. "Stop Me When It's Art" Helen Lindhurst Gallery, Los Angeles
1994 Show. Commissioned painting for the NFL (National Football League)
1995 Move. New York City
1999 Show. "Shades of Grey" Bergdorf Goodman, New York
2002 Show. Commissioned paintings for Gucci, New York
2003 Show. "Manipulationists" McCaig-Welles Gallery, Brooklyn
2004 Move. Los Angeles
2004 Show. Commissioned paintings for Lucky Brand Jeans, Hollywood
2004 Show. Commissioned paintings for Lucky Brand Jeans, Las Vegas
2005 Move. Paris
2006 Move. New York City
2011 Show. "Between Accident & Intention" Sunny's, Brooklyn
2011 Show. "Greatest Hits (and misses)" Gallery 123, Brooklyn
2012 Show. "New Paintings" Oriens, New York
2013 Move. Kyoto.
2014 Show. "First Impressions" be-kyoto gallery, Kyoto
2014 Publish. First Impressions limited edition monograph
2014 Show. "On Second Thought" Reata (Seika University), Kyoto
2015 Show. "be-kyoto 8th Anniversary" be-kyoto gallery, Kyoto
2015 Show. "Under the Influence" Foil Gallery, Kyoto
2015 Show. "Paint50 vol.3" PI gallery, Nagoya
2016 Show. Commissioned painting for Kyoto Prefecture Division of Arts and Culture, Kyoto
2016 Speak. Invited guest speaker for +PROJECT at Kyoto University of Art & Design
2017 Show. "Checklist" be-kyoto gallery, Kyoto
2018 Show. "(four)est" Kuta, Keihoku, Kameoka and Miyama, Kyoto Prefecture
2019 Publish. 33 journal (Edition Haus am Gern, pub.), Biel/Bienne
2021 Show. "endless" be-kyoto gallery, Kyoto
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