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This is Part 8 in the series of short films documenting the (four)est art project in the mountains of northern Kyoto (Japan).


January 2020








notes and impressions

part 8 (January 17, 2020)


The paintings continue to grow into their surroundings.  Less and less are they intruders.



(four) Kameoka 


亀岡 | Kameoka


A fog over the mountains.  The forest is damp.  Forever damp.  There is a fine layer of moss beginning to grow over the painting.  A new color.  The reds more and more muted.  It blends with the rock.  Connected.




(one) Miyama


美山 | Miyama


The warm winter has confused the sakura.  No further developments to the painting.




(two) Keihoku 


京北 | Keihoku


The layer of dirt that is always decorating the surface of the painting appears more permanent.  The stream down the mountain just a trickle.  Everything is quiet.




(three) Kuta


久多 | Kuta


A little snow on the highest peaks.  It's a little disappointing to find not even a melted patch.  The reverse side of the painting is turning green with moss.  The front is stubbornly unchanged from the last visit.





Keihoku gymnasium





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