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Studio Notes

I think I say this often: a strange painting.  I never know where they come from, which, I suppose, is why I keep painting.  That discovery.  Pulling things out from deep inside.  That journey without destination.  Just go and see where you end up.


Studio Notes

When you ask questions and there is no real reply, just low-frequency murmurs, it is troubling.  Sometimes a painting has nothing to say.  You can play the tough guy and force it to speak.  Or you can wait.  With either approach there's no way to know if it has anything to say.  It could just be a bad painting.


Studio Notes

It's still difficult for me to accept that a painting can be complete, or near complete, in a few days.  In my Brooklyn studio paintings were something labored over for weeks and months.  A painter must labor.  It shows his or her sincerity.  I am confused by paintings that come together too easily.  I don't trust them.




Uji River (宇治川)


exterior interior


Sanjo Ohashi (三条大橋)


Gozen-dori (Saiin)





1.  The pursuit of beauty

2.  Just passing through

3.  devolution

4.  night creatures

5.  buttons, switches, levers

6.  umbrella skeletons

7.  gestation

8.  new cotton

9.  a stopped watch

10. in constant becoming

11. Picasso couldn't do this

12. Why, why, why?

13. cheated and defeated

14. I'm probably in love

15. rain birds

16. conversations with myself

17. I live on another planet

18. years and years

19a. Thinking of New York

19b. New York doesn't exist

20. one of these days

21. handsome devil

22. an aesthete

23. 心

24. listening to the music

25. "becoming and extinction"

26. for posterity

27. a sort of disguise

28. il est mort

29. a million love songs

30. I'm alive

31. the earth's eight corners

32. biding time

33. degrees

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