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I was recently asked by be-kyoto gallery to talk about their unique art rental program (MARS) on NHK TV Japan.

Click on the image below to see the program on the NHK website.  It is the second half of the program beginning at 3:15.  Japanese only - sorry.







endless postcard front


endless postcard reverse




paintings by Robert Wallace


February 20 – March 4, 2021

be-kyoto gallery, Kyoto




Everything has a beginning and an end: a meal, a movie, a sports match, a tree in the forest, human life. The word “endless” then is something of an oxymoron, an impossibility.


The idea of an endless painting came to me a few years ago when I saw a video of artist Robert Rauschenberg’s monumental work, “The ¼ Mile”. Composed of a 190 giant panels it seems to go on and on.


Paintings, of course, have edges – top, bottom, right, left. They are linear, defined by their boundaries. However, what if a series of paintings, when arranged side by side, formed a circle? A circle, or ring is endless. There is no beginning or end.


The circle is, of course, a profound mystical symbol representing wholeness, heaven, eternity and the universe. It is also a natural, physical phenomenon. The sun and the moon are circular. So are water ripples and tree rings.


When an artist draws a circle the gesture has a beginning and an end. But the line does not. It is not two points, but one.


This series of paintings is not a true circle. The surfaces of the paintings are flat not curved, and there are gaps between each piece. The paintings are all individual, all very different. But, like siblings in a family, there is connectivity. 1 is connected to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, etc. Then 21 back to 1.


It is the connectivity of a circle that interests me. This is connected to that. The first to the last. Around and around. No past, no future. A circle is now.







数年前、アメリカの美術家ロバートラウシェンバーグの代表作「The ¼ Mile」を見た時にこのendless の絵のアイデアは思いつきました。190もの数で構成された巨大パネルはまるで永遠と続いていくようでした。













Robert Wallace

January 2021 (Kyoto)


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